Regular collection

Laboratory waste collection schedule

Hongo, Yayoi, Asano, Komaba I&II. Shirokanedai areas

Date Division Time Remark
Mon. Faculty/School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Discovery Initiative 10:40~11:15
UTokyo Hospital 13:15~13:25
Faculty/School of Medicine 13:35~13:45
School of Frontier Sciences, Faculty/School of Science (Bldg. 5) 13:55~14:00
Faculty/School of Engineering 14:00~14:40
Wed. School of Agricultural and Life Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture, Biotechnology Research Center 9:50~10:20 At the East Passage in Annex of Bldg.2 if rainy
Institute for Quantitative Biosciences 10:30~10:40
Faculty/School of Engineering + Faculty/School of Science (Asano area) 13:30~14:00 1st Wed. only for Faculty/School of Science (Asano area)
Faculty/School of Science 14:10~14:45
Thu. Molecular & Life Innovation Bldg. (Hospital, Faculty/School of Medicine, Engineering and Science) 13:15~13:30
Faculty/School of Science (Bldg.2) 13:40~13:55
Faculty/School of Engineering (Bldg. 3) 14:05~14:30 At the north entrance if rainy.
Fri. College/School of Arts and Sciences, Institute of Industrial Science (Komaba I) 10:40~10:55
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Faculty/School of Engineering (Komaba II) 11:15~11:25
Institute of Industrial Science, Faculty/School of Arts and Sciences 11:35~11:50
Faculty/School of Science (Komaba II) 13:00~13:25
Institute of Medical Science 14:10~14:25
  • Other divisions will be collected irregularly.
  • Check also the collection time set by your division (it can be different from above).

Collection breaks in FY2020
29 Apr. (Wed.) 2020 - 6 May. (Wed.) 2020
1 Aug. (Sat.) 2020 - 16 Aug. (Sun.) 2020
12 Dec. (Sat.) 2020 - 3 January (Sun.) 2020

Kashiwa area

Date Division Time
4th Thursday, every month Institute for Solid State Physics, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, Other centers 10:30~10:45
School of Frontier Sciences 11:00~11:45
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute 13:30~14:15
Collection schedule in FY2019

23 Apr. (Thu.), 28 May (Thu.), 25 Jun. (Thu.), 30 Jul. (Thu)
27 Aug. (Thu.), 28 Sep. (Mon.), 22 Oct. (Thu.), 25 Nov. (Wed.)
24 Dec. (Thu.), 28 Jan.(Thu.), 25 Feb. (Thu.), 25 Mar. (Thu.)

(Under-bar indicates NOT 4th Thursday of the month)

Dry cell batteries, fluorescent lamps and class-S waste collection

1st:14 (Tue.) - 17 (Fri) April, 2020
2nd:14 (Tue.) - 17 (Fri) July, 2020
3rd:13 (Tue.) -16 (Fri) October, 2020
4th:12 (Tue.) - 15 (Fri) January, 2021

Regular collection site

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Komaba I

Komaba II