Research Field of Management of Waste Materials and Waste Water

Universities are bastions for the production of knowledge. Where people live, a wide range of chemicals are used, and each day laboratory wastes are discharged. Moreover, wastes and discharged water referred to as wastes from daily living are also produced. We are doing research related to methods for managing waste materials that contain health hazardous substances. In addition, we are conducting cutting-edge research and development contributing to implementation of 3R practices such as reducing and recycling waste materials and discharged water. Finally, we are doing research related to the influence on discharged water management, the impact of effluents on the environment and the usage of discharged water (including ground water). By linking this research on aquatic conservation to education, we provide “learning through practice” opportunities to the students.
Finally, we are conducting research and development of cutting-edge technologies for processing the various laboratory wastes that require special attention during management due to the difficulties of their disposal. The processing technologies are able to make these wastes non-toxic, stable, and to even transform them into resources and energy. We are reflecting that knowledge to education related to management and disposal of laboratory wastes.