Laboratory waste

Laboratory wastes can be categorized as below. Please follow the handling rules specified in each category.

Chemically hazardous waste

…Waste that contains hazardous substance. Separate and request ESC for disposal.

  1. Definition of chemically hazardous waste
  2. Separation and storage
    Liquid waste / Designated tank
    Solid waste / Bar-code sticker
    Waste that needs special care / Permission number
  3. Disposal request to ESC
    Manifest slip
    PRTR registration
    Collection schedule
  4. Waste reagent
  5. Waste of unknown composition

Biological waste

…Waste that contains organisms. Inactivation and sterilization are the key step.

Infectious/Pseudo-infectious waste

…Infectious or infectious-looking waste. Syringes, for example.

Radioactive waste

…Consult Isotope Science Center.

Other waste

…Plastics, glasses, large-size wastes from laboratory.

  1. Laboratory plastic waste
  2. Laboratory glass waste
  3. Large-size waste from laboratory