Environment and Safety Course

  1. Purpose
  2. Schedule
  3. Application via Attendance Management System
  4. Examination result
  5. Re-exam

1. Purpose

All the faculties, staffs, researchers and students who handle chemicals in UTokyo are recommended to take the Environment and Safety Course regardless of their affiliation. The date will be announced by Environment, Health and Safety Officer at your division 2 months before the course is held. If you want to take the course, please apply via Attendance Management System (internal access only).

2. Schedule

Schedule in FY2020

1st 10 April (Fri.), 2020 Cancelled Komaba
2nd 28 April (Tue.), 2020 Cancelled Hongo
3rd 14 May (Thu.), 2020 Cancelled Hongo
4th 15 May (Fri.), 2020 Cancelled Kashiwa
5th 8 June (Mon.), 2020 Cancelled Hongo (English)
6th 3 July (Fri.), 2020 Web
7th 29 July (Wed.), 2020 Web
8th 3 August (Mon.), 2020 Web (English)
9th 4 August (Tue.), 2020 Web
10th 1 October (Thu.), 2020 Web
11th 4 November (Wed.), 2020 Web (English)
12th 5 November (Thu.), 2020 Web
13th 30 November (Mon.), 2020 Web
14th 6 January (Wed.), 2021 Web(divided)
15th 4 February (Thu.), 2021 Web
16th March, 2021 Cancelled Web (English)

Time: 13:00~16:00 (in14th(divided meeting) start at 13:00, 14:00 or 15:15)
Arrive at the venue more than 10 min before the starting time.
Bring your UTokyo ID card.
Not allowed to attend without in-advance application.


3. Application via Attendance Management System

Note1: Your attendance will be registered using your UToyko ID card. The reception will be closed 5 min before the starting time. Arrive at the venue well in advance.
Note 2: “Faculty/School” means the division where your main post is (for faculties and staffs) or the division of your affiliation (for students). Note that sometime your affiliation can be different from your supervisor’s division.

  • After confirming the entered information, “submit” to complete the application.
    The screen below will appear.

We accepted your application of Environment and Safety Course (general).
Please show your ID card or temporary ID number at the front desk.」

You will receive an email to confirm your application. If you don’t receive the email, it indicates that you entered wrong email address. Please contact the system administrator for correction.


4. Examination result

Examination result will be available in the Attendance Management System (internal access only) about 3 days after the examination.

◎ If you passed

You need to take Environment and Safety Tour to get the certificate. For the content and application, see this page.

◎If you failed..

You need to take re-exam. See below.


5. Re-exam

If you failed the exam given in the Environment and Safety Course, you can take re-exam without attending the course again. Re-exam is held once a month at ESC building during lunch break.

Please contact by email to check the date and apply to the re-exam.
Contact: idcard★esc.u-tokyo.ac.jp (replace ★ with @ )

You can see “Classification chart of chemically hazardous waste” during the exam. Bring if you think it’s necessary.