Update of Certificate

The certificate expires in 3 years. To be valid, the certificate requires to be updated after expiration. 2 months before the expiration date, a reminder email will be sent and you can update your certificate through Attendance Management System.

In case 1 year has passed since the expiration date, you need to take the course, pass the exam and attend the tour again.


Update through Attendance Management System

Update consists of 2 steps. The first step is application, and the second step is mini-test.

1st step

  • Access to the system (internal access only)
  • Enter the certificate number and your personal information
    If your personal information differs from the old one, indicate it in the remark field by specifying which item has changed and the reason.

  • Confirm the entered information and submit.
    The screen will show:

We accepted your application to renew your Environment and Safety Course certification. Visit Environment and Safety Secretary in your division, get the latest (i) Environmental Safety Guideline, (ii) Environment and Safety Course Text, and (iii) Application consideration, and follow their instructions.」

  • You will receive an email, saying

「Your application was approved. Please proceed to remaining steps to complete.」

The email contains a link to the next step. Please click and proceed.


2nd step



After receiving the latest Environment and Safety Guideline and the textbook for Environment and Safety Course at EHS office at your Faculty/School, please read through the materials and proceed to the mini-test.
If you complete 5 questions in the mini-test, you will see the screen saying

Your update procedure has completed. Your renewd ID will be sent in a few weeks.」