Environment and Safety Tour

  1. Purpose
  2. Schedule
  3. Application via Attendance Management System
  4. Examination for Environment Safety Certificate
  5. Examination result
  6. Re-exam

1. Purpose

Since 1978, ESC has been responsible for the management and treatment of chemically hazardous laboratory wastes produced in UTokyo. In addition, we started the management of laboratory wastes with unknown composition from 2009.

In the Environment and Safety Tour, we expect the participants to raise the awareness towards laboratory safety and the responsibility as a waste generator through looking at the actual facilities for waste management and exercises held in the tour.


2. Schedule

1. Opening
2. Flow of chemically hazardous wastes in UTokyo
2-1. Separation
2-2. Storage
◎ Liquid wastes
◎ Solid wastes
2-3. Collection
2-4. Inspection
3. Unknown composition wastes
4. Model laboratory room


Schedule in FY2021

<Hongo campus>

Date 10:00- 11:00- 13:00- 14:00- 15:00- 16:00-
9th April (Fri.)
12th April (Mon.)
22nd April (Thu.)  ✔
10th May (Thu.)
17th May (Mon.)
25th May (Tue.)
27th May (Thu.)  ✔  ✔ ✔ (E) ✔ (E)
16th June (Wed.)  ✔
24th June (Thu.)  ✔
7th July (Wed.)  ✔
9th July (Fri.)
23rd August (Mon.) ✔ (E)  ✔ (E)  ✔
7th September (Tue.)  ✔  ✔
9th September (Thu.)  ✔  ✔
13th October (Wed.)  ✔  ✔
19th October (Tue.)  ✔  ✔
10th November (Wed.)
12th November (Fri.)
22nd November (Mon.)
6th December (Mon.)
9th December (Thu.) ✔ (E)
13th January (Thu.)
18th January (Tue.)  ✔
22nd February (Tue.)  ✔
4th March (Fri.) ✔ (E)  ✔ (E)

About 1 hour for each. (E) In English.

<Kashiwa campus>

Date 13:00- 14:00- 15:00- 16:00-
22nd April (Thu.)
27th May (Thu.)
24th June (Tue.)
29th July (Thu.)  ✔
26th August (Thu.)
30th September (Thu.)
28th October (Thu.)
25th November (Thu.)
23rd December (Thu.)
27th January (Thu.)
24th February (Thu.)
24th March (Thu.)

About 1 hour for each.


3. Application via Attendance Management System

Apply from Attendance Management System (internal access only). You are recommended to take the course first before tour.


4. Examination for Environment Safety Certificate

After the Tour, take the online examination via ITC-LMS. URL of the ITC-LMS page will be distributed at the Tour. The examination is open until 23:55 of the day.


5. Examination result

You can check the examination results in about 3 days in Attendance Management System  (Authenticated by UTokyo account).

◎If you fail..

Take re-examination. See below.


6. Re-exam

Re-exam is arranged upon request. Contact us by e-mail (idcard★esc.u-tokyo.ac.jp, replace ★ with @).