Environment and Safety Course Certification

The Environment and Safety Certificate will be issued to the person who is acknowledged to have understood the basics of environment and safety as a UTokyo member, the basics of experimental safety and laboratory safety management as a experimental researcher, the handling of chemicals as a chemical user, and the handling of wastes. To get the certificate, either of (1)+(2)+(4) or (1)+(3)+(4) is required to be completed.

(1) Attend the Environment and Safety Course
(2) Attend the Environment and Safety Tour (after completing the course)
– in Hongo, Kashiwa campus.
(3) Attend “Exercise on experimental basics”, “Exercise on handling of chemicals”, and “Exercise on handling of chemically hazardous wastes” in the Environment and Safety Exercise.
(4) Take and pass the examination given after the Tour or Excercise
– when failed, you need to take re-exam.

The treatment of laboratory wastes containing chemically hazardous substances in UTokyo is all managed by Environmental Science Center (ESC). Since April 2002, only the certificate holders can request the disposal of laboratory wastes to ESC. Because the regulations and rules on environment and safety change with time, the certificate expires in 3 years. You need to update the certificate once it is expired.

License number is:

Fig: Certificate