We should be aware that the wastes produced in the university must be handled in a different way from the domestic wastes. In particular, we must take a special care on the wastes that contain hazardous chemical substances originated from laboratory/research activity. It is therefore essential to make a clear separation of daily-living waste from laboratory waste. Most of the wastes produced in the university fall into “Industrial waste” designated by the law, where the waste generator is responsible for waste reduction and proper treatment.  Each of UTokyo members should understand the responsibility and put into practice in daily activity.


Major classification of wastes

Wastes produced in UTokyo can be divided into 4 major categories as follows.

Daily-life waste

Wastes that derive from daily-living activity on campus

Laboratory waste

Wastes that derives from chemical experiment

Medical waste

Wastes that derive from medical activity in university hospital/health center or medical research.


Discharged into public sewer