ESC's Works

Education and Public Relations


Environmental ID Course

Department or the Center sponsored lectures on hazardous waste handling and safety control are held. Participants are issued “The University of Tokyo Environment and Safety Course Certification (ESID)”.



The Center publishes a quarterly newsletter, “Environment and Safety”. Current activities and requests from the Center and results of monthly effluent inspections are reported. (Japanese only)



The Center organizes symposia on pertinent topics to convey information beyond the University and encourage participation from the general public. The symposiums were held under the cooperation of the entire university, as known from the fact the President attended as a lecturer at every event.



Waste Treatment

Chemically-Hazardous Experimental Wastes
All personnel handing toxic substances have as their duty total responsibility for sorting, reporting the components, and carrying the hazardous wastes to the destinations and times for pick-up. The Center collects and treats all chemically hazardous wastes safely and properly. Discarded reagents are also collected and treated.


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