Last Revised on April 21, 2003

Date Events Center Director
1974 May The panel on waste disposal; submission to the University's President for establishing the Environmental Science Center  
Nov. Inauguration of the Environmental and Safety Committee  
1975 Apr. Establishment of the Environmental Science Center Prof. Hitoshi Kamata
May Inauguration of the Center's Steering Committee  
1976 Jan. Publication of "Guidelines for Environment and Safety" (hereafter revised)  
1977 Oct. Collection of fluorescent tubes & mercury containing vessels  
1978 Mar. Completion of the Center's office complex  
Aug. Commencement of the Center's business activities (collection/treatment of waste: ferrite treatment and organic solvent treatment by incineration)  
1979-1981 Countermeasures for mercury in drainage  
1979 Apr. First publication of the Center's newsletter "KANKYOU ANZEN" (Environment and Safety) ---published quarterly hereafter, only in Japanese  
1983 Nov. First Conference of the Association for University's Waste Treatment Facilities Prof. Sigeo Hayano
1984 Feb. Examination on temporary measures for PCB storage  
  Investigation of ground water contamination on campus
1986 Jul. Analysis of laboratory air reveals asbestos; Countermeasures to asbestos are examined. Prof. Naoki Inamoto
1987 Jan. Special Committee on Asbestos Problem  
1989 Apr. Proposal of the methods for disposing pathlogical wastes Prof. Hiroo Tominaga
1991 Jan. First symposium sponsored by the Center: "Global Environment: Viewpoints and Responsibilities of the University"  
Oct. University of Tokyo's Hongo Campus begins trial run on used paper collection for recycling Prof. Hiroaki Yanagida
1992 Jan. Second symposium: "Wisdom of the University for Environmental Conservation: Materials Design for Recycling" (ca.600 participants)  
1993 Jan. Third symposium: "Forest, Environment, Society"
(ca.500 participants)
Apr. The Environmental Science Center has expanded University-wide program for collection and recycling of used paper begins.  
May Environmental ID course begins.  
1994 Feb. Fourth symposium: "Our Learning and Environmental Issues: Challenge to the Global Water Pollution" (ca.700 participants)  
1994 Apr. Renewal of the Solid Wastes Incinerator  
1994 Sep. "GOMI-SENGEN" (Tokyo University's Declaration about Waste Management)
- A Plan to Thorough Classification of Wastes
1995 Feb. Fifth symposium: "Proposals to Environmental Policy" (ca.900 participants)  
Apr.   Prof. Tomonori Matsuo
1996 Jun. 4 Sixth symposium: "Innovation of Lifestyle Regarding Education and Research -The University's Action for the Environment-" (ca.400 participants)  
1997 Feb.14 Seventh symposium: "Method of Safety Management and Environmental Management -Proposals from the University-" (ca.500 participants)  

April, 1998

  Prof. Yoshimasa NIHEI
April, 2001   Prof. Seiichiro KODA
April, 2003 The Environmental Science Center was reorganized. Prof. Kazuo YAMAMOTO